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Garden Maintenance in Chislehurst | Formative Pruning

As an established landscaping company, specialising in garden and grounds maintenance, we offer consistent and dependable gardening services throughout Chislehurst. We are adept at pruning all types of hedgerows, trees and shrubs, including fruit-bearing plants. Our gardeners have experience in domestic and commercial maintenance, upholding high standards to keep gardens and grounds looking their best. Gardening companies employ a range of methods and tools suitable to the plants and environments in which they work.


Young trees require formative pruning to maintain size, shape and structure. Scheduled pruning and thinning of mature trees reduces their height, improves their appearance and prevents them affecting manmade structures. We are one of the more experienced gardening companies in the Chislehurst area. Evaluating the individual needs of each job determines the best approach for your outdoor space.

The upkeep of fruit trees entails a slightly different approach, but our gardeners are just as capable in these specialist areas of garden maintenance and grounds maintenance.


Periodic pruning ensures the health and appearance of individual plants and forms a key component of our gardening services. Seasonal pruning is important in grounds and garden maintenance as removing leaves at the wrong time may damage the plant. The ideal season for pruning depends on the species of your shrubs.

Our gardeners always work to the needs of both the plant and our Chislehurst customers.


We skilfully prune young hedges and maintain established rows. Caring for hedgerows forms a large part of grounds maintenance but is also a prominent area in the upkeep of domestic property. These gardening services demand equal levels of skill no matter the size of the job. As with shrubs, timing is important when pruning hedges so as not to disturb nesting birds. The most reputable gardening companies in Chislehurst adhere to the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and will take this into consideration when conducting grounds or garden maintenance.

We operate a fully insured company with qualified gardeners and a broad range of suitable machinery. We perform garden and grounds maintenance for homes, schools, flats, communal properties and commercial builds.

Because our gardeners prune hedges and trees as well as plants and shrubs, we save customers money on hiring in tree surgeons independently of our own gardening services

For formative garden and grounds maintenance in Chislehurst and the surrounding areas, call 020 8462 7800.

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